Northstar Empire of Imperial Courts

Board of Directors

Russell A. Reno - President

Eric S. Foley - Vice President 

Madeline G. Holdorf - Secretary

Paula Butner - Treasurer 

Cameron W. Morrison - Director

Frankie A. Mabray Jr. - Director 

Jared Breyer - Director 

Ken Butner - Director 

Robert O. Comeau - Director 

Glenn T. Westdahl - Director  


Scholarship Committee 

Madeline G. Holdorf - Founder & Chair

 Joani M. Carver - Member

Russell A. Reno - Member

Javier Moncada, Jr. - Member

Andrew Castelli - Member


Finance Committee 

Her Imperial Majesty Paula Butner - Chair

Her Imperial Majesty Madeline G. Holdorf -  Member 

Russell A. Reno -  Member 

His Imperial Majesty Mikey LaChoy - Quality Control


Future Business Committee 

His Imperial Majesty Ken Butner - Chair

His Imperial Majesty Boston Bob Comeau - Member 

Her Imperial Majesty Silva Stone - Member 

Frankie A Mabray Jr. -  Member 


Public Relations Committee 

Eric S. Foley - Board Liason to all Title Holders

Cameron W. Morrison - Social Media, Web Design, Events 

Madeline G. Holdorf - Public Affairs - Quality Control 


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