Craig and Margaret

Walt and Pepe

Joseph and Alexandria

Vernon and Mandy

M&M and Gari

Rick and Rose

Bernie and LuLu


Terry and Madeline


E.T. and Myrna LaChoy

John Nelson and Reyna

John Licciardo and Misty Dawn

Margaret I 

Regent John Nelson and Ceresa

Raymond Jorgenson and Dania

Steve Rule and Magna Lagna

JR La Mar and Kristara

Ken Solberg and Cherresse

Lauren and Barbie Dawn

Jerry Tanner and Reyna

Ross Crich and Tiger Lilly

Boston Bob and Jasmine La Mar Barrington

Madeline and Lana Duvall

Jerry Baltazar and Salmon Ella

Mikey LaChoy and Rosie Rotton

M&M and Kristara

Dennis and Silva Stone

Kent Briske and Eve le Quoi

Eldon LaChoy and Joani LaChoy

Regents Eldon and Madeline and Silva Stone and Kristara

Scott Turner and Sister Mary Sunshine

Jacob Lawrence III and Kristara

Jerry Baltazar and Salmon Ella

Ken Butner and Mary Bess Bohall

Michael Bartels and Paula Butner

Kevin Holtz and MeMe Jenkins

Cory Crowder 

Kevin Fawcett-Majors and Mariquita Jenkins

XL Mikel Wiles and Ashley Summers-Dawn

XLI Cory Crowder 

Emeritus: Jerry Anderson and Sophie Sparkle LaChoy

XLIII Tom Azzarella and Nicole Poole